If you’re a rebel with a cause, you’re in the riot place. 

for actors who insist on putting their purpose first and following the rules second


Actor Operating System is coaching for actors who want accountability, focus, and motivation in their careers – and not a lot of weirdo salesy marketing stuff.

AOS is THE THING to solve your two biggest obstacles which are: (a) your own inconsistent action and (b) living in constant uncertainty if you're doing the right thing.

There is no fluff inside this program. No modules you must complete. And no frameworks to learn.

This is you + me + other actors you respect banding together twice every month for a deep-dive, heart-centered-purpose-driven-action-oriented coaching call.

Are you a card-carrying member of the 'Second-Guess Yourself Society'?

Not in here.

We’ll tackle what you want to tackle, not some cookie-cutter plan designed by someone else.

You will leave each and every session with clarity about what to do next, insight on what holds you back, and the assurance that what you want for your career is actually within your grasp.

PS: Yes, there’s a Facebook group. And only official Operators will be inside… so you’ll only engage with like-minded, highly motivated action takers. Plus you know I’ll bring my A-game there too. 

I will personally edit and revise your marketing... your emails to your reps, CD intro emails, postcards, and newsletters – all to help you stand out from the crowd and stay on top of your marketing plan.


And I want to help you follow through on the promises you make inside our calls so the Copywriting Masterclass doubles as Online Study Hall every single month to keep you on track and accountable to the big things you said you'd do.


Actor Operating System is an all-in zone. This special community is for actors who are willing to take a good hard look at themselves and show up to two calls a month with honest questions to face their real career concerns and deepest desires. And they won’t settle for you to do any less. 


  • You don’t wanna keep doing the same things in your career to get the same lame results
  • You don't just want more auditions – especially right now! – the auditions you do get need to be for projects that actually mean something to you
  • You won't settle for absentee reps! You want to know you're doing your part to foster a relationship with your agent where they actually show up for you; answer your emails & calls; and watch your shows and screenings
  • You don’t just want to act, you want to act in stories that make your heart beat faster and will make a difference in this world
  • You refuse to make another web series that only other actors end up watching and want to pitch & sell content that ignites real audiences to take action 

I made it a no-brainer monthly rate so you can commit to AOS and stick with it (cuz that's the name of the game).


So, how does it work?

Glad you asked.

Once you join, we'll meet 3x every month in an online Zoom conference room: 2x for our group coaching Q&A sessions, and again for a marketing masterclass/study hall. Come to the session with a question (or two!), raise your electronic hand, and I will directly coach you that week. 

And if you don’t have anything you’d like to ask directly, you’ll have the benefit of listening to others for strategy & inspiration!  

And then we'll take it further: You'll be a member of an exclusive AOS Facebook group where you can depend on support and collaboration from revolutionaries who care about your success just as much as you do. Plus YOU KNOW I will have something to say about everything you post! 🤓

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…

"But Brian, am I REALLY going to get the coaching time I need? My situation is unique and I don’t have time to take another class for the masses."

Short Answer: Yes

If you submit a question, I will answer it. Full stop. We’re going to see each other 3x every month – you're gonna be sick of me! And you might even come to a session or two without a question. 😮

And, let’s be real, some questions feel too hard to ask... So isn’t it a relief when another brave soul asks the exact same thing you were afraid to?

And here's something I bet you weren't counting on: You sure as hell will learn something from any question another Operator asks.

Plus, you know me well enough to know that we will always go so much deeper than the question.

No more never-ending to-do lists! You deserve to take actions from an aligned place.

↑↑↑ If these things don't look familiar to you, then I just helped you identify one of the blindspots in your career (you’re welcome).

AOS runs on 8 pillars – and they are the essentials behind every successful actor.

You'll save time and energy as these trainings will teach you how to properly set up these essential pillars in your career.

And don't worry! These trainings are not a prerequisite to showing up to the calls. They are there for you when you want to set up your career for longterm success. Plus it will help us fast track our work together.

So, in a nutshell...

  • 2 group coaching Q+A sessions on Zoom every month to move the needle in your career

  • 1 Monthly Marketing Masterclass to get my eyes on your marketing materials that doubles as a Q&A Study Hall Zoom Session so you actually do the deep work you're committed to and see the change you want

  • 1 exclusive Facebook group of good, ambitious, non-crazy actors 

  • 1 chance to show up for yourself consistently as the actor you are meant to be 

And the details...

  • Bi-monthly calls start as soon as you enroll – we meet every other Thursday at 1pm PT/4pm ET.
  • Never stress when you have to miss a call (and it's gonna happen – you're committing to transformation after all!) – all sessions will be recorded and you'll have access for as long as you're a member.
  • You gotta be all-in! No matter when you join, we want actors who will commit to new ways of getting what they want (don't join to 'test the waters' or 'try it out').
  • Gain immediate access to the online course platform to begin your systems implementation (ooooh, ain't you fancy!).

Take this Multiple Choice Test – you can't get it wrong!

Hey Courageous Actor,
You scrolled down this far so
something about AOS resonates for you. Look, I do not want you to be on our coaching calls unless it's a good fit.

So, can I help you with this decision?

Look at those 8 pillars again: I'm gonna bet you put some energy into some of those pillars some of the time.

It’s hard to stay on top of all of the things all of the time

...especially when you don’t have someone in your corner who tells you the exact next steps you should take week after week.

...and when the world turns upside down and
you wonder if acting even matters anymore.

...and when you’re in it all by yourself.

What you need is personalized coaching that moves in realtime to what’s actually happening in your career – instead of the gossip-advice you hear from other actors (other actors who – let's be honest – most likely face the same limiting beliefs you're trying to outgrow).

AOS is coaching, up close and personal: it forces you to shut down the noise and focus on what's important, holds you accountable to doing what you say you’re going to do, and gives you the ongoing support to actually do it.

In this new normal we have to radically change our idea of what it means to be an actor and what it will look like to create a sustainable career... AKA you need expert advice that is nimble and can move with the times.

Now, if you wanna get cozy with your limiting beliefs, ask yourself: Do I deserve this? Can I afford this? Will this even make a difference?

My recommendation is that you slip out of that worn-out second-guess yourself sweater and bravely ask yourself:

Am I willing to see things differently, change my approach to my career, and learn to trust myself in the new normal?

  • Yes! I'm in!
    YAY! Enroll below – we'll get you set up for your first coaching call as soon as you register!
  • Maybe? I'm nervous...
    Would you rather be on a bumpy ride knowing where you're going or no ride at all? (see original question).
  • No, I don't wanna do that work; I'd rather binge Netflix and "attract opportunities." Gotcha! I recommend you sit this one out.

Whatever you decide, please honor your purpose. It would be irresponsible for you not to pursue the career of your dreams. And if you're not even sure where to get started... you're looking at the answer right now.



FYI: If you want world-class coaching from someone who cares about your success as much as you do, you're in the right place.

I'm proud to say this is the highest quality coaching available for this price point.  



I know how frustrating it is to audition for sh*t projects, meet with reps who don’t remember your name, scrape the cash together for a workshop (and never hear from casting), and put your heart and soul into your acting class for the lame-o chance to say 5 lines.

All that effort can leave you questioning if you should have listened to your Aunt Carol and stayed in Ohio. #ItMe

My clients are Tony Award winners, Series Regulars, and Award-Winning Filmmakers...  

And what I know is that consistency is key.

Not your fancy agent...

Not some secret booking formula...

Not the perfect headshot, reel...

Not your IG following…  

It’s consistency. 

And I’m not about to consistency-shame you! Cuz consistency ain't easy.

It takes courage to show up for yourself and do the real work of becoming a better human (and working actor). 

But you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to help you. 

That’s exactly why I designed the Actor Operating System: to challenge your status quo and disrupt any negative self-talk with 2 high impact Q+A coaching sessions every month.  

And I won't let you off the hook... with monthly marketing + co-working sessions you'll have the focus you need to get it done and the expert advice to do it really, really well.

Want some even better news? You’ll have a squad of actors just as motivated and excited as you to encourage your every step. (And you’re gonna need that when you’re walking onto sets that matter and in meetings with big-wigs).

Actor Operating System only accepts actors who think like you do. I am going to demand that we all play a bigger game, so when I say you’ll be surrounded by a great group of actors, it’s actually true.

If you need a place to ask the questions and clear the noise so you can consistently drive your career forward in a meaningful way, start a revolution with me.

And I'll see you on our next call. 😉


  • You know that an acting career takes stamina and courage, and you’re willing to accept support to accelerate your momentum and keep up your consistency 
  • You wanna make real money 
  • You know you’re destined for greater things and refuse to play small
  • You long for a strong sense of belonging, purpose, certainty, and confidence in this career so you can do the big things The Universe wants you to do
  • You’re sick of comparing yourself to others and feeling left out 
  • You may not be sure how now, but you know you want the next chapter of your life + career to be your biggest and best yet


It takes all kinds.

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Justice. They’re more than just words to us. They’re the hard-and-fast principles guiding how we will build this movement, cultivate creativity, and create a revolution that’s the right fit for every person inside of it. More importantly, creating an environment where everyone, from any background, age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective can do their best work is the right thing to do.

All are welcome. If you can stand by this battle cry, you're one of us. 


  • 2 group coaching calls every month to move the needle in your career
  • 1 Monthly Marketing Masterclass to get my eyes on your marketing materials that doubles as a Study Hall Zoom Session so you actually do the deep work you're committed to and see the change you want
  • Systems Implementation Trainings so you can start to save time and money right away (fancy!)

  • 1 Exclusive Facebook group of good, ambitious, non-crazy actors 

  • 1 chance to show up for yourself consistently as the actor you are meant to be 
  • 1 Monthly Guest Expert Bonus Training from mindfulness to vocal production we've got you covered

No-brainer monthly rate so you can commit to AOS and stick with it (cuz that's the name of the game).